2018 Pinot Noir Frédéric Magnien

2018 | Pinot Noir | Frédéric Magnien
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Pinot Noir Coeur de Violette Frédéric Magnien

2018 Pinot Noir Coeur de Violette Frédéric Magnien

Frédéric Magnien - Pinot Noir

Frédéric Magnien is part of the 5th generation of a large family of winegrowers. He learned the basics of the profession from his father. Seeking to deepen his knowledge, he followed training in the United States alongside Josh Jensen, at Domaine Calera and in Australia with Garry Farr at Domaine Bannockburn Vineyard. He began taking part in the management of Domaine Michel Magnien in 1993. At the same time, he continued his studies until obtaining a diploma in Wine Technician from the University of Burgundy. If previously the harvest was sold to a cooperative, he decided to produce the wine within the property. Not content with just grapes from the family vineyard, he created a trading company with which he bought the best harvests to experiment with new aromas.

The harvest is manual and the vinification takes place in stainless steel vats with native yeasts and manual punching down. Aging takes place in oak barrels.

On the nose, we find beautiful notes of fruit sprinkled with spices and pepper. The palate is balanced with a lively and pleasant attack followed by an elegant finish. A delicious wine from the first sip.

Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Taste and flavor: Light and fruity
Alcohol content: 13°
Allergen: Sulphites

Service advice
This wine goes wonderfully with beef, veal or game such as deer, or a light cheese.

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